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Ultimate Playbook for Sourcing Engineering Talent Fast

A detailed guide that will help you be on top in sourcing engineering talent in today’s hypercompetitive and ever-changing market.

This Playbook for Sourcing Engineering Talent Fast includes:

  The reasons why you struggle to find tech talent
  Latest strategies to find top tech talent
 How to accelerate sourcing
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There are several reasons why it is hard to find talent:

  • Tech talent shortage
  • Location limits
  • The long and ineffective hiring process
  • Not following the rapid tech innovation
  • Passive job seekers
  • No purpose in work

First of all, you need to build your brand and create relationships in order to be recognizable on the market. Now, top talent don’t seek just another job, they want to be a part of something bigger: a company that has a clear vision and values that change the world.

One of the most crucial strategies in finding tech talent is to connect with tech communities and engage with talent partners. Communities and talent partnerships will support your growth and will help you scale up when needed.

The best places to accelerate your sourcing are:

  •  Use of personal networks
  • Creating a referral program
  • Organizing/attending tech events
  • Searching on social media networks